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Wedding Music 
by Jason Walsh, Bay Deejays Owner/DJ - Updated for the 2016-2017 wedding seasons.

Your choice of wedding music is obviously a big part of your entertainment decision.  Some couples want to pick dozens of "must play" songs for their request sheet, while others will leave most of the song selections up to their DJ and only choose a handful of songs that they definitely want to hear.  This is totally up to you, however, we do offer the following suggestions and best practices for maximizing the talent of your Bay Deejays disc jockey:

Wedding reception music can't be completely pre-programmed.  There needs to be ample room for artistic and creative license for your DJ.
This is the purpose of hiring a professional DJ.  Honestly, if you want to choose each song in the exact order played, we would not be the right DJ company for you; because at that point you are the wedding DJ and we are just "roadies" or audio technicians.  Our wedding DJs have the experience of hundreds of successful wedding receptions behind them and are more than willing to play the music you want to hear, but our winning blend of these songs at just the right time is what sets us apart from our competition and hopefully is the reason you'll book us!  You wouldn't tell the chef how to prepare your meal - you just know you want certain dishes served - he/she will worry about making sure the food is just right.  The same goes for your professional DJ - just give us some ideas and your "must play" and "do not play" lists and we'll ensure your dance floor is packed all night long.  We mention this now to set expectations, not to be difficult.  Our perfect customer service record speaks for itself in terms of how easy we are to work with!

No cheese please.
We like to keep your event as classy and fun as possible, and we're assuming you want the same... Over the past several years, we have noticed that many brides and grooms are asking that line dances and modern participation songs not to be played at their event.  Because each couple's tolerance for these songs is different, unless you request a specific line dance or modern group participation song at your wedding, we will not play any of them just to be safe - a full list will be provided when we discuss your music selections.  Our mix of current hits and classic songs from the past six decades will get your dance floor packed, but if you know your mom or aunt really wants to hear the "Cha Cha Slide" or the "Cupid Shuffle", please add it to your request list.  Songs from the 1980's and newer are considered "modern" participation or line dances. 

On average, you probably don't want to choose more than 20-25 "must play" dance songs.  Why?
Anything over 25 "must play" dance songs limits your DJ's creative ability. Must play songs during dinner and cocktail hour are much easier for your DJ to program (because typically people are talking and mingling at these times).  What?  I can only pick 25 songs?  No... Pick your absolute favorite songs as "must play" songs and an unlimited number of "additional" requests.  Remember, your DJ can only play about 15-20 songs per hour and after cocktails, dinner, and special dances, most couples end up with about two hours of dancing for their guests.  Make your priority song selections count!  (Remember our first tip on this page?  Also see the next wedding music tip...)

The wedding music is for the guests as much as it is for the bride and groom.
You didn't order steak and crab cakes for the two of you and get McDonald's Happy Meals for everyone else at your wedding... Remember to choose
music for all of your guests
, in all age ranges.  If you don't know what to request, consult your DJ - that's what he's paid to do!  When we meet with you during our initial consultation, we'll briefly discuss music, but we get much more detailed into your music list when we meet closer to your big day.  We will review your list and make some suggestions based on your selections of songs that older and younger guest would appreciate.

Click here to see our sample music library. 

You can always request songs that do not appear here, this database contains the most popular songs from our music library.  Worried we won't have the right genre of music for your guests?   We have instant access to over 15,000,000 song titles through a monthly professional music licensing agreement!

If you choose to book Bay Deejays, we will provide you with a list of out top requests for dancing and for father/daughter, mother/son, cake cutting, etc,.  These are only a sample of songs you can choose - but provide a good start for the client that is not sure what songs they want to hear for these events.


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