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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequent Pricing and Booking Questions:

Q.  This all sounds great, you are within our budget and we're ready to book!  What are the next steps?  What should I know?

A.  We are glad you are interested in Bay Deejays.  Whether you are 100% sure about booking us from reading our website, or only 99% sure, we encourage all potential clients to meet their Bay Deejays' DJ (either in-person, via a phone call or via Skype video conference).  You should "click" with your DJ's personality and we should also "click" with you too.  We don't accept every client that we talk to; once in a while a client will have traditional customs or requests that we are unfamiliar with (and we are honest enough to tell them that we will not pretend to "specialize" in their needs just to get their business), or they want to micro-manage the event to the extent of scripting out every song in the order it should be played (FYI: professional DJ entertainment doesn't work that way - we will gladly play your requested songs, but we need some creative ability of when they would be best played). 

With that said, here is what you need to do to ensure a successful wedding reception (and ceremony if applicable)...

STEP 1.  First, make sure we are available for your date.  Check our DJ Availability page to ensure we still have your date available.

STEP 2.  If we are available, complete the form that pops up and provide us with as much information as you currently know.  Include your venue and times in the comment section of the form, you may also want to identify some available meeting days/times or tell us you are planning from out-of-town.

STEP 3.  We will respond and confirm your fee quote and identify who your DJ would be and then you will work with your DJ directly to coordinate a meeting. (You will also work with your DJ from this point forward on all planning and timeline aspects - something many DJ companies can't offer).

STEP 4.  Meet your DJ... He will have all of the information you need to make a decision and/or book our services.  He will bring two copies of your contract, online planner instructions, music request information and additional wedding-related resources.  Not ready to decide on the spot?  The date is always available on a first come, first served basis until a contract is signed, but there is never a "hard sell" at our meetings - if you like what you saw/heard - you can book on the spot with a check or credit card.  If you didn't connect/"click" with our DJ, we certainly understand - over 90% of couples we meet, end up choosing our services, and we hold a perfect customer service rating on WeddingWire.com - We've won their Bride's Choice Award for the last four years!

Q.  Do you entertain for same-sex weddings? 

A.  Of course we do.  We are proud to provide our award-winning entertainment to every man, woman, and child without prejudice of political beliefs, sexuality, religion/creed, age, or race.  We use our same classy, but fun approach to all of our events and will work with you to customize appropriate introductions and announcements to suit your needs.

Q.  Do you attend or play at our wedding rehearsal?

A.  No.  Unless this has been made part of your contract, our services are limited to the reception venue (and related ceremony site if applicable) and we do not attend your ceremony rehearsal.  You can negotiate this service with your DJ for an additional fee, however, please note that availability for this optional service is not guaranteed when you contact us about your wedding entertainment.  If you are attempting to time the processional or recessional music for you and/or your bridal party members, we are glad to identify the exact version of the song(s) we will be using - or we will use a client-provided version as long as you provide it to us at least 2 weeks in advance.

Q.  These prices are slightly higher than some that I've seen for other area disc jockeys; why do some DJs charge less?  

A.  Not all disc jockeys are wedding disc jockeys!  A wedding DJ must possess the skills of a professional disc jockey, master of ceremonies, and wedding coordinator.  Even if you are hiring a wedding coordinator to assist with the planning of your event, if the DJ is not versed in the proper execution of upscale weddings, he/she can ruin the timing or "flow" of your event.  Say that again?!?

Just because a DJ has experience, it doesn't mean they necessarily have experience or referrals from upscale wedding venues.  McDonald's has experience as a food service company, but chances are - you won't be using them at your wedding, even though they may have more experience in cooking than your preferred catering company.  Skills, experience, and demand set a market price for each DJ (and each wedding vendor for that matter).  Companies with bad reviews and sloppy professionalism won't be able to command a higher fee, and will have to charge less than the companies such as Bay Deejays, that are consistently in high demand for our services.  Each year since 2010, we have consistently sold out of all available dates during Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Most "budget" or "discount" deejays in town operate on quantity, not quality.  You may see their incredible, "too good to be true" prices plastered on the top of web searches and in cheesy cable TV ads.  Their owners may charge clients $600-$700, keep about $450-$500 for their business, then give your DJ $150-$200 for a 4-hour event.  In this scenario, you will ultimately get what you paid for... the DJ is not making enough money to purchase new music or equipment, or repair the equipment he has. While he may download your specific wedding songs, he may have to resort to illegally obtained music.  The $150 he gets for his events probably won't support a van or large SUV payment, so he may have to ensure all of his equipment fits in his car (which is fine if you only have 80-100 guests, but that's not enough equipment for larger events).  Finally, because he is only making $150 per wedding, he has to deejay at two weddings per day, so he may be a little late getting across the Bay Bridge or making it through the Harbor Tunnel.  Did we mention that you don't get to meet most "discount DJs" until a few weeks before your wedding?!?  That's because these companies don't know who might be working for them at any given time...Would you want to work for a company that was paying you $150 for 8-10 hours of your day, plus the time associated with planning an event?  

Don't spend thousands of dollars on your wedding only to save 3-5% or less of your total wedding expenses by choosing a sub-par DJ.  Your disc jockey is responsible for all of the entertainment at your event and after the meal and cake are eaten up, if your guests are not having a good time, many of them may leave your reception early.  At Bay Deejays, our entertainers only accept one event per day, and in some cases, one event per weekend.  This ensures that we are on time, well rested, and fully prepared for your event.  It also allows us to spend time with family, friends, and our DJ associates - however, if you should need to move the time of your wedding... no problem!  Because we didn't book two weddings on the same day as your wedding, we can be flexible with short notice time changes if they arise. 

Q.  Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, but as of Jan 1, 2014 we must charge a 3% fee for the use of credit cards (slightly less than our actual expense).  The listed rates include the discounted cash or check prices.  We pay our disc jockeys a higher percentage than any other DJ firm that we know, leaving a very small profit margin to pay for marketing, taxes, and our overhead expenses.  We hope you'll agree that offering higher quality entertainers is better than the 1-2% in airline miles or points that your bank may offer.

Q.  Do you match prices or offer price discounts?

A.  Sorry, but we do not match prices or offer coupons (with the exception of promotions we have done to benefit the Chesapeake Bay Trust or our 5% discount for active U.S. military).  There is no way to quantitatively measure our price to a competitor's price, it's not like checking the price of a LED TV at Best Buy and then looking up the price of the same model at Target. 

We believe we offer the best value of any DJ company in town.  In addition to a minimum of 10 years of DJ experience, your Bay Deejays entertainer also brings with him the experience of hundreds of successful weddings.  A "rookie" DJ who has less than 2 years of experience would be lucky to have entertained at more than 20-25 weddings in his/her short career because of the time required to learn the industry and build up enough experience to book weddings on a regular basis.  Some of our competitors (on their recruiting webpages) state that six month to a year of experience is enough to qualify their entertainers as professional, upscale, DJs.  We think it takes much longer to become a wedding entertainment professional and will never send "rookies" or trainees to your event.

Q.  Do you offer a pre-payment discount?

A.  No.  Sorry, this is just a marketing ploy by our competitors to artificially increase an entertainer's rate to give the perception of savings for parting with all of your money up front.  Our prices are set by the markets we serve and are non-negotiable; if we were priced too high for our value, no one would book us...however, we consistently book 12-18 months in advance and are recognized as one of the Top 1% of Maryland disc jockeys.

Q.  "XYZ" DJ Company says you can't be a "real" DJ Company without a storefront, why don't you have one?

A.  It's great that other companies have physical "stores" to meet you and convince (or pressure) you to book their services, however this raises their overhead costs and ultimately, the rent or mortgage they pay to maintain the storefront is passed onto the consumer.   Does this make them more professional?  Not in our opinion.  It opens them up for more financial liability - which could backfire in a bad economy, forcing possible bankruptcy or staff layoffs.  Because these large companies employ such a vast number of subcontractors, they also need a storefront to hold company-wide meetings and house all of the equipment they rent or lend to their crew.  Crime is also a factor, as you are basically announcing that you have a studio filled with expensive equipment, but at night the place will be empty. We have always thought the storefront concept was a bit inconvenient, especially since our clients are booking us from all over the region. 

Should we spend more of your wedding budget so we could have physical locations in Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington D.C., Ocean City, Alexandria, and York PA?  Our team of four wedding professionals is more than willing to meet you at locations convenient to you that provide a "neutral", no-pressure atmosphere.  Great service takes a little more effort than the assembly-line mentality of a storefront, but that is what we deliver.  If you still need a personal demo of our skills after talking to past clients and obtaining references from the area's top vendors, we'd be glad to provide this service as well. 

Q.  How does the "Bay Deejays Promise" Campaign work?

A.  Simple.  Since 2011, we give 2.5% of our net proceeds to local non-profit organizations that support the Chesapeake Bay (either through restoration or education).  For events that were held on, or adjacent (within 5 miles) to the Chesapeake Bay, or its tributaries, we'll give 5% of our earnings.  Donations are made as either cash or service to the organizations we support.  We are a proud annual sponsor and partner for the Chesapeake Bay Trust's "Treasure the Chesapeake" fundraiser.  We will also pay for up to two sets of MD Chesapeake Bay auto tags per couple (a $40 value), just send us an application and photo of you with your new tags!   (Bay Deejays clients only)

See more questions and answers at our WeddingWire.com FAQ page.

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