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  About Us

At Bay Deejays, we truly are a different kind of DJ company.  How so?  For starters, we do one thing...weddings, and we do them with 100% client satisfaction.  We do them without "cheese", immaturity, or the "look at me" ego held by most of the disc jockeys that share our target clientele.  Just check out this website and compare it to our competition - and you'll start to understand why this isn't your typical mobile disc jockey service.  We give you the area's best wedding entertainment, unmatched experience, 24-7 access to your DJ from the moment you meet us, straight facts, honest pricing, the best DJ contingency plan in the business and we leave the used-car salesman scare tactics to the other guys.  Our focus is always on you, our client.  Not only do we serve as professional wedding disc jockeys, but we are also trusted advisors in your wedding planning journey, providing or explaining many of the same "day-of" coordination solutions (at no additional cost) that an on-site wedding planner might charge hundreds of dollars to arrange.  Most importantly, as entertainers, we provide you with tips and best practices from our experiences at hundreds of local and regional weddings to ensure everything runs smoothly with seamless transitions from your favorite songs, to your special dances and events. 

At Bay Deejays, you'll work with your DJ from your initial no cost, no pressure meeting, until you share the last dance of the evening with your fiancé or fiancée on a dance floor still packed full of family and friends.  There are no "bait and switch" or hard-sell sales tactics here.  Just honest and candid discussions that allow us to get to know you as a couple and for you to get to know us as a wedding professional (and in many cases, a new found friend). 

Your first meeting with Bay Deejays will be with the disc jockey that will be entertaining at your wedding...either Jason, James, Bob, or Chris.  You'll leave that meeting with a contract based on your needs, our cell and home phone numbers, a company overview, knowledge of who your back-up DJ would be in an emergency, and log-in information for our secure online wedding planner; but you can take up to two full weeks after you meet with us to decide whether or not to book our services.  What if I need more than two weeks to decide?  No problem!  After two weeks the date simply goes back to a first come, first booked status.  There is never any pressure placed on you and you'll never receive a phony "I am meeting with someone tomorrow about your date, are you ready to make a decision?" email from us (a sales tactic used by some DJs to tug on your emotions and rush you into signing a contract).

If you do book us, your date is secured for you and you alone.  Our deejays never take more than one event per day, offering you 110% of our abilities and concentration, and allowing you the flexibility to start your event early or end it later than expected with little or no additional notice required should your ceremony or reception venue times change for any reason.  Having a great time at your reception and want to keep the party going another hour?  No problem.  Just let your DJ know about 15-20 minutes before the scheduled end of the event.  Extra entertainment time can be added for just $250 per hour.

Our firm of four deejays is small enough to provide intimate service and attention to detail, but large enough to have one of the four of us always available as a backup entertainer.  That's right, we have four professional disc jockeys, each with a minimum of 12 years of professional experience, and one of us is paid each weekend NOT to accept a wedding, and serves only as a backup to the other two in the case of an emergency.  One professional deejay backing up three professional deejays, we challenge you to find a better contingency plan in the wedding industry.

If you were a manager in the corporate world (and maybe you are), you'd first want to see the résumé of the contractor you are hiring as well as that of his or her emergency replacement, right?  As the "manager" of your own wedding vendor team, you should expect nothing less of your DJ and the other service providers you hire.  Do they all have the experience they claim on their website, or do you simply get lost in the company's endless marketing and self-promotion so you think that one DJ is worth exactly the same amount as every other DJ in the firm?  Don't fall for the "professional" branding act... you should be able to ask a few general questions about their experience and instantly know if you are dealing with a pro or the latest "rookie" to make the starting lineup at a DJ firm.  Bay Deejays is a true boutique-style disc jockey firm with an experienced, professional staff of entertainers you can trust!

Most of our competitors are quick to flash their awards and mention their industry contacts, but is one of their sub-contractors with less than a year or two under his/her belt truly a "professional" wedding specialist?  Should you really have to pay this person the same amount as the few disc jockeys that handle the bulk of that company's work and generate the industry referrals and awards?  We think not.  A company's reputation is a key hiring factor, but the experience of your entertainer is what you should really care about when it comes to the most important day of your life.

We invite you to review the professional résumés of Bay Deejays Owner and Wedding Specialist Jason Walsh, and Jason's business associates and fellow Wedding Specialists, Bob Sigmon, Chris Hart, and James Staggs.  Each entertainer has well over a decade of experience at hundreds of up-scale weddings in the Baltimore / Washington Metro area as well as membership and election to Board of Director spots in local and National DJ Associations. 

Jason Walsh is the founder and current President of the United States Disc Jockey Association, and a Past-President and Past-Vice President of the Baltimore Area Disc Jockey Association (BADJA) where Bob Sigmon held two terms as President.  During 2010 and 2011, Chris Hart held the role of Program Director on the BADJA Board of Directors and was responsible for coordinating the monthly educational seminars and guest speakers on behalf of the association.  James Staggs assisted Jason Walsh with the launch of the USDJA and all four deejays have presented and attended numerous industry information sessions on various aspects of industry law, equipment, marketing, and technique and combined, have over 75 years of experience at more than 3,000 individual events.

Finally, Bay Deejays is not only dedicated to its clients, but also to the Chesapeake Bay which serves as a backdrop for many of the events that our entertainers participate in on a regular basis.  We donate 5% of our net proceeds from each event held on, or within, the immediate vicinity (5 miles) of the Chesapeake Bay and we also donate 2.5% of all other event net proceeds to Bay research and restoration efforts. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about Bay Deejays and congratulations on your wedding engagement.  If you have a question about our company, please do not hesitate to contact us be calling 443-242-4229 or emailing Jason Walsh at jason@baydeejays.com.

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Bay Deejays is a professional mobile DJ company serving Maryland, D.C., Delaware, and Northern Virginia. 
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